Ghana:The Queuing Republic

I have observed with utmost disgust another unproductive and needless culture that is gradually creeping its way into the Ghanaian social fabric. The culture of queuing, as needless and avoidable as it is, has also registered itself into the social psyche of Ghanaians, adding too many cultural and social nemeses that continue to impede the... Continue Reading →


Abeiku Santana: My Easter Lesson.

@ABEIKU AGGREY SANTANA That was the second time i will see the man in person after years of listening to his thought-provoking programs on the different radio stations he has featured on. It was a quiet night.Having vowed to enjoy this Easter to the max, albeit alone, i had traveled to Akosombo, on the prompting of... Continue Reading →

The Iconic Duo:Nokia on Andriod,finally.

  No!!! not even the wildest of imagination could bring anyone to guess who were behind this much touted and publicized campaign that left many social media pundits in such great suspense. This truly did leave many with no trails or clues. Finally, it has emerged that the #IconicDuo social media campaign, which has seen... Continue Reading →

MyFutureGH: Dreams within Remit without Limit

World Remit, in partnership with Miss Ghana UK Foundation, is presenting ladies between the ages of 16 and 26 with a unique   opportunity to showcase their talent to the world. Dubbed ‘MyFutureGH,’ the initiative,  which forms part of many exciting activities to mark the silver jubilee edition of Miss Ghana UK, will afford an enterprising... Continue Reading →

Fall Outs of the SONA: Skobawrite’s Pick

In keeping with the 67th article of the 1992 constitution, the President on, Tuesday, 21st February, 2017, delivered, through parliament, to the nation, a statement on the state of the nation. Beyond the fact that this occasion creates a ceremonial opportunity for the president to interact with parliament, the occasion, is usually used to outline some key... Continue Reading →

Nuisance Taxes in Ghana??

INTRODUCTION Except for the fact that this issue gives me sleepless nights, I would not have pieced my opinion on same. Not only I am naturally, undisposed towards arousing controversies, more so, my first articles of the year, is usually not conveyed in  an argumentative structure neither does it take the nature of argumentation. Nevertheless,... Continue Reading →


Far from being ungrateful for the many great and unmerited privileges that marked my week, I want to assert, without any reservation that last week, went down as one of the disappointing weeks in this year. Without doubt, the week brought me to the crossroads, where my world view on many issues, spanning religious, political... Continue Reading →

Mr President, can i share a view on your debate proposal?’#Skobawrites

I read ,to my surprise, that the President is calling for a debate between himself and the leader of the largest opposition party.In his view, a debate will enable him to straighten up what he describes as the misinformation, the opposition party is churning about. Certainly, i do not think the purpose for calling  for... Continue Reading →


A lot has been said over the last two weeks, regarding how a picture of Kalyppo sipping Flag bearer of a leading Presidential Candidate in the  2016 election, can turn into an unsponsored, unsolicited and yet a viral user-generated social media campaign for a Ghanaian soft drink company. In this piece, I will not wade into the... Continue Reading →

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